Bilaam’s Star Prophecy

“A star shall come forth from Jacob”. Let the meaning hidden in this verse shine forth better with modern astronomy…

The Lights of Kislev

The light of the Menorah is a symbol, but of what? There are surprising similarities to… a rainbow…?

The Astronomers’ Blessing

The morning blessing Yotzer Or, “Who creates light”: “The Astronomers’ Blessing”. It focuses on things near and dear to astronomers, light and more…

Zot Chanukah & Incandescence

To illuminate the process described in Rashi’s comment, I thought people would really enjoy this awesome video by Ben Ames explaining “What is a Flame?”

The First Festival of Light

Chanukah is often referred to as the Festival of Light(s). But it is not the first Festival of Light in the world, as the Talmud tells us.

The First Light

Conflict between Genesis and modern science?
Ancient rabbinic midrashim already have an understanding in consonance with modern scientific ideas!